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IoT-based system for monitoring conditions in an industrial painting booth

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posted on 2022-06-13, 19:47 authored by Gustavo Velasco-HernandezGustavo Velasco-Hernandez, Akseer Ali Mirani, Anshul Awasthi, Joseph Walsh
During the last decades, the Internet of Things (IoT) has evolved significantly and the advances in sensors, networking and processing technologies have enabled the adoption of IoTbased concepts and solutions across different fields. Temperature and humidity monitoring is an application that is found in sectors like the food industry, environmental monitoring, agriculture, manufacturing, among others. In the industry, product painting is not only for the visual aesthetic of products but it is intended for protecting the items against corrosion, damage and for extending their lifetime. In order to get the best painting results, variables like temperature, relative humidity and dew point must be controlled in the environment. In this project, an IoT-based system for monitoring those variables is developed and evaluated, from the sensor level up to the end-user application level. By using Bosch CISS sensors, a Raspberry Pi SBC and the ThingsBoard platform, we developed and tested this solution. After presenting the requirements of the system and the architectural design, we detail on the implementation stage of each component of the solution, and share the results of the testing and evaluation. Finally, we discuss the limitations of the system and the future work envisaged for this project


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