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IoTSecSim: A Framework for Modelling and Simulation of Security in Internet of Things

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posted on 2023-04-26, 04:12 authored by Kok Onn CheeKok Onn Chee, Mengmeng Ge, Guangdong Bai, Dan Dongseong Kim

The project is focusing on building a framework of IoT security. Our main goals are:

  1. to model IoT attacks and defences in an emulated IoT networks; and
  2. to evaluate the impact of different defence techniques on IoT attacks by using multiple security metrics.

This framework can create IoT networks with different settings and configurations on IoT devices and network topologies, model malware attacks against the emulated IoT networks and evaluate relevant defences. The simulation software is built with the aim to offer flexibility and adaptability to users. Also, it can be extended with new features and functionalities to simulate recent discovered malware attacks and defences.


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