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Is ChatGPT capable of solving classical Communications and Networking problems?

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posted on 2023-07-25, 02:50 authored by Jose Alberto HernandezJose Alberto Hernandez, Javier Conde, Pedro Reviriego, Gonzalo Martínez Ruiz de Arcaute

This article overviews OpenAI’s ChatGPT and its capability at solving classical communications and networking problems, ranging from physical layer, medium access control, queueing theory and TCP/IP. We asked ChatGPT v3.5 to solve ten classical problems in this field of science and engineering and we observed that, although ChatGPT knows the theoretical background and sounds convincing, it fails to give the final result due to intermediate mistakes in eight cases. This may be dangerous for students using ChatGPT v3.5 as an assistant in their studies of Computer Science and Engineering and should be therefore used carefully. 


ITACA (grant no. PDC2022-133888-I00)

ENTRUDIT (grant no. project TED2021-130118B-I00)

SEASON (grant no. 101096120)


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