It may be time to perfect the neuron of artificial neural network

2020-07-31T03:46:15Z (GMT) by Gang Liu
In recent years, artificial neural networks (ANNs) have won numerous contests in pattern recognition, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The basic unit of an ANN is to mimic neurons in the brain. Neuron in ANNs is expressed as f(wx+b) or f(wx).This structure does not consider the information processing capabilities of dendrites. However, recently, studies shown that dendrites participate in pre-calculation in the brain. Concretely, biological dendrites play a role in the pre-processing to the interaction information of input data. Therefore, it's time to perfect the neuron of the neural network. This paper added dendrite processing section, and presented a novel artificial neuron, according to our previous studies (CR-PNN or Gang transform). The dendrite processing section can be expressed as W i,i-1Ai-1 ◦A0|1|2|...|i-1 . Because I perfected the basic unit of ANNs-neuron, there are so many networks to try, this article gives the basic architecture for reference in future research.