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JargonFM: A Framework with Multiple Interpretation Modes for Jargon Understanding in Online Communities

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posted on 2022-11-10, 01:41 authored by Zhengqing GuanZhengqing Guan, Peng Zhang, Baoxin Liu, Hansu Gu, Tun lu, Ning Gu

Jargon words are commonly used in the communication of online communities. These words are characterized by special and implicit meanings that can only be comprehended by a small group of users, which brings challenges to community regulation and user engagement. For this problem, we present JargonFM, a framework with multiple interpretation modes for jargon understanding in online communities. JargonFM is designed based on the scientific explanation framework and supports three interpretation modes: jargon category prediction based on a Jargon Classifier, similar word identification based on a Jargon Synonym Selector, and representative text selection based on an Example Sentence Selector. We also implemented a jargon interpreter to demonstrate the usage and usefulness of our interpretation framework. Automatic and human evaluations suggest that JargonFM can explain jargon words more accurately and more efficiently than the existing interpretation methods, leading to its wide acceptance among the evaluation participants.


National Natural Science Foundation of China

National Natural Science Foundation of China

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