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Jerk-bounded Position Controller with Real-Time Task Modification for Interactive Industrial Robots

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posted on 2022-01-28, 21:41 authored by Ruixuan LiuRuixuan Liu, Rui Chen, Yifan Sun, Yu Zhao, Changliu LiuChangliu Liu
This paper presents a jerk-bounded position control driver (JPC) for industrial robots. JPC provides a unified interface for tracking complex trajectories and is able to enforce dynamic constraints using motion-level control, without accessing servo-level control. Most importantly, JPC enables real-time trajectory modification. Users can overwrite the ongoing task with a new one without violating dynamic constraints. The proposed JPC is implemented and tested on the FANUC LR Mate 200id/7L robot with both artificially generated data and an interactive robot handover task. Experiments show that the proposed JPC can track complex trajectories accurately within jerk limits and seamlessly switch to new trajectory references before the ongoing task ends.


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