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Lawson-Norm Based Adaptive Filter for Channel Estimation and in-Car Echo Cancellation

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posted on 2022-01-19, 23:10 authored by Yingsong LiYingsong Li
We proposed a Lawson-norm-based adaptive estimation algorithm within the affine-project theory framework and give a name of Lawson-norm adaptive filter (LNAF) algorithm. The LNAF algorithm is derived, analyzed, and simulated for echo cancellation when background noise is impulsive, which is realized and implemented via using Lawson norm of past errors to take a sliding window on cost function to speed up convergence and achieve robustness for impulsive noises for colored signal. Simulations based on measured data are used for in-car echo cancellation and channel estimation to verify the LNAF algorithm's performance with different inputs, which prove that the LNAF algorithm is superior to the popular AP algorithms under differnt impulsive interferences.


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