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Leveraging Deep Learning for Computer Vision: A Review

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posted on 2022-03-16, 03:36 authored by Ekram AlamEkram Alam, Abu SufianAbu Sufian, Akhil Kumar Das, arijit bhattacharya, Md Firoj Ali, M. M. Hafizur Rahman

The usability of computer vision is everywhere, whereas deep learning revolutionized the concept of artificial intelligence including computer vision. This paper discusses the leverages of deep learning for computer vision. At first, the background details of computer vision and deep learning have been discussed. Important tasks of computer vision like image classification, object localization, object detection, segmentation are briefly explained. Various types of deep learning algorithms have been described. The architecture of the convolutional neural network$ has been explained briefly. Applications of deep learning in different fields of computer vision like image classifications, human activity recognition, scene text detection and recognition, object tracking, visual question answering, etc., have been discussed with the references of the recent state-of-the-art works.


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