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Lifecycle Optimization of Smart Contract for Different Scenarios in 6G Network

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posted on 2022-08-01, 21:03 authored by Hong SuHong Su, Bing Guo, Xinhua Suo
Smart contract-based methods are used to implement the blockchain applications. While smart contracts have separate pre-deployed steps, which are suitable for applications that are deployed once and invoked many times. However, there are smart contracts that are used only one time (the disposable smart contract) or few times. Pre-deployment requires an additional step and additional transactions, which bring burdens (such as longer waiting time and more transaction fees) to users. In this paper, we propose a new Lifecycle model of smart contracts, which allows combining the pre-deployment with function invocations. This facilitates the usage of the disposable smart contract, as users are only required to send one transaction to perform both the pre-deployment and the function invocation. Together with the smart contract separation, it also allows participants to customize their special smart contracts at the request time. At last, we verify the proposed model and it shows the potential to save additional burden and to facilitate the usage of the smart contract.


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