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Low Power Wide Area Networks: A Survey of Enabling Technologies, Applications and Interoperability Needs

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posted on 2020-08-18, 13:21 authored by qahhar muhammad qadir, Tarik A. RashidTarik A. Rashid, Nawzad K. Al-Salihi, Brzo Ismael, Alexander A. Kist, ZHONGWEI ZHANG
Low-power wide area (LPWA) technologies are strongly recommended as the underlying
networks for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. They offer attractive features, including wide-range
coverage, long battery life, and low data rates. This paper reviews the current trends in this technology,
with an emphasis on the services it provides and the challenges it faces. The industrial paradigms for LPWA
implementation are presented. Compared with other work in the field, this paper focuses on the need for
integration among different LPWA technologies and recommends the appropriate LPWA solutions for a
wide range of IoT application and service use cases. Opportunities created by these technologies in the
market are also analyzed. The latest research efforts to investigate and improve the operation of LPWA
networks are also compared and classified to enable researchers to quickly get up to speed on the current
status of this technology. Finally, challenges facing LPWA are identified and directions for future research
are recommended.


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