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MULTIWD: Multiple Wellness Dimensions in Social Media Posts

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posted on 2023-05-17, 17:15 authored by MSVPJ SATHVIKMSVPJ SATHVIK, Muskan GargMuskan Garg

The concept of wellness, as proposed by Halbert L. Dunn, recognizes the importance of multiple dimensions, such as social and mental well-being, in maintaining overall health. Neglecting these dimensions can have long-term negative consequences on an individual's mental well-being. In the context of traditional in-person therapy sessions, efforts are made to manually identify underlying factors that contribute to mental disturbances, as these factors, if triggered, can potentially lead to severe mental health disorders. Our research focuses on introducing a meticulous task aimed at identifying indicators of wellness dimensions and detecting their presence in self-narrated human writings on the Reddit social media platform. We have mentioned Ethics and Broader Impact.


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