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Mandela effect & Déjà vu: Are we living in a simulated reality?

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posted on 2021-09-29, 21:28 authored by Deep BhattacharjeeDeep Bhattacharjee

If reality is being augmented as a simulation; then from the modern norm of physics, it is possible that everywhere around us, including us and what we perceive is a simulation simulated by a super powerful computer from a farfetched future times, taken the Einstein’an notion, that, past, present and future occur simultaneously. It is quite probable between two consecutive amplitudes that, the simulation can either be done by the super advanced civilization in greater than or equal to Kardashev 3.0 scale or by some higher order entities existing in a dimensional domain beyond our perceiveness and notion of our understanding. To agree to the fact of the simulation hypothesis, there exists a mathematical foundation of the desired logic behind this simulation, which will be investigated throughout this paper whose another consequence might be the déjà vu or the Mandela effect. The errors arise in this simulation is a form of glitch in the matrix that should happen because of the commutable lagging of the super-intelligent computers of either future ones or higher-order ones. Preciseness about the calculations of dimensions opened a way for t + s = 2 + 10 where the non-locality of the time being perceived as a 2-dimensional entity opens up the door for further investigations. The more will be discussed in detail in this paper.


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