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Maximizing the Probability of Message Delivery over Ever-changing Communication Scenarios in Tactical Networks

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posted on 2020-12-22, 21:52 authored by Johannes Loevenich, Roberto Rigolin F. LopesRoberto Rigolin F. Lopes, Paulo H. Rettore, Sharath M. Eswarappa, Peter Sevenich
This letter introduces a stochastic model to maximize the probability of message delivery over ever-changing communication scenarios in tactical networks. Our model improves modern tactical systems implementing store-and-forward mechanisms organized in a hierarchy of layers for messages, IP packets and radios. The goal is to compute close to optimal parameters for a transport protocol by computing the optimum redundancy for the user data-flow to overcome packet loss during changes in the link data rate, including disconnections. Experiments in a VHF network illustrate the numerical results from our model using messages with different sizes over two patterns of data rate change.


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