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Mechanism of Torque Ripple Generation by Time and Space Harmonic Magnetic Fields in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors

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posted on 2021-05-13, 21:05 authored by Katsumi YamazakiKatsumi Yamazaki, Kento Utsunomiya, Hiroaki Ohiwa
In this article, we investigate mechanism of torque ripple generation by time and space harmonic magnetic fields in permanent magnet synchronous motors to obtain advanced motor designs. The general expression between the torque ripples and harmonic air-gap flux densities in the motor is derived by using Maxwell stress tensor. Both the numerical and experimental verifications of this expression are carried out. Then, the major harmonic magnetic fields that produce the torque ripples are specified and the differences between the surface and interior permanent magnet synchronous motors are investigated. According to these investigations, the shape of the rotor surface of an interior permanent magnet motor is optimized. It is clarified that specific harmonic components of the torque ripples in interior permanent magnet synchronous motors can be reduced to be nearly zero by optimizing the rotor surface shape.


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