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Metasurface Design Using Electromagnetic Inversion

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posted on 2020-02-05, 21:15 authored by Trevor BrownTrevor Brown, Chaitanya Narendra, Yousef Vahabzadeh, Christophe Caloz, Puyan Mojabi

This paper summarizes and synthetically evaluates a method proposed for metasurface design. The method takes as input a set of desired far-field (FF) performance specifications and produces an effective susceptibility distribution that, when illuminated with a known incident field, produces a FF radiation pattern exhibiting the desired specifications. To this end, electromagnetic inversion (inverse source) is used to solve for the desired tangential fields on the output side of the metasurface. A finite-difference frequency-domain solver, recently developed for simulation of metasurfaces, is used to synthetically evaluate the proposed method using a two-dimensional (2D) example. It should be noted that microscopic metasurface design (i.e., the design of the physical metasurface implementation) is beyond the scope of this paper.


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