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Method for quantifying value of storage toward reaching 100% renewable electricity

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posted on 2020-06-08, 14:16 authored by Pedro Andres Sanchez PerezPedro Andres Sanchez Perez, Rhonda Bailey, Sarah Kurtz, Zabir Mahmud

Optimization models can be quite powerful in identifying a pathway to lowest cost zero-carbon energy systems. However, it is less obvious how to invert the models to calculate the target cost and duration of storage needed for that storage to be a significant solution. Storage is a dispatchable and flexible resource with the ability to perform many functions of grid support, further complicating the analysis. This paper complements existing papers by presenting an academic study of a simplified energy system, demonstrating a method for quantifying cost and duration targets for storage. The simplified analysis also helps to gain intuition about the synergistic relationship between storage and solar energy in a location like the state of California.


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