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Modeling of the Wind Turbine Power system- A numerical Approach

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posted on 2022-07-14, 03:48 authored by Reza AlizadehaslReza Alizadehasl, Mehran Aghajani, Ali Mazaherkhani, Behnod Chalchougi

The INVELOX wind turbine, which is a ground-breaking innovation in the capture of wind energy, has revitalized the notion of duct wind turbines and aims to break down boundaries in order to provide superior performance at lower costs. This study's objective is to provide a representation of the performance of an INVELOX unit. The requirements for this study were derived from the requirements of the IEC 61400 standard. The results that were achieved in the field are contrasted with the outcomes that were obtained from the theory in this section. The topic of certain ideas for extra work and growth in the future is now being debated in some quarters


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