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Modelling and Design for Position-Free Inductive Couplers with the Homogeneous-Flux Transmitting Coil in Wireless Power Transfer Systems

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posted on 2023-04-19, 13:54 authored by Yi DouYi Dou, Xiaosheng Huang, Ziwei OuyangZiwei Ouyang, Michael A. E. AndersenMichael A. E. Andersen

This paper presents a design algorithm to combine the analytical magnetic flux modelling and the genetic algorithm (GA) for position-free inductive couplers in inductive power transfer (IPT) systems. The design concept can enhance the position tolerance significantly by making the transmitting coil generate a homogeneous flux density at the target receiving position. Based on the analytical magnetic flux models and the proposed design algorithm, the winding configurations for the air-core transmitting coils or magnetic shielded transmitter coils can be directly generated. Two case studies demonstrate the design algorithm: the analytical magnetic flux models and the generated homogeneous flux density are verified by 2D FEM simulation and measurement results. Furthermore, the non-interference for the inverters’/rectifiers’ operation with the position shift is experimentally verified on the 6.78 MHz prototypes. 


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