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Modelocked Tm-doped Fiber Laser Using Multimode Interference Saturable Absorber in Reflection Mode

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posted on 2022-02-11, 18:13 authored by Martin RochetteMartin Rochette, Arslan Anjum
We present a reflection mode saturable absorber based on nonlinear multimode interference in a graded index multimode fiber. The saturable absorber provides a modulation depth of 12% at a low saturation intensity of 18.5 MW/cm2. The all-fiber structure and reflection mode design of this saturable absorber makes it an ideal device for the fabrication of fiber lasers with linear resonant cavity. When inserted in a linear laser cavity comprising a thulium doped fiber as the gain medium, the saturable absorber triggers modelocked noise like pulses with a center wavelength of 1905 nm and spectral width of 11.2 nm.




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