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Moobot: a miniature origami omnidirectional jumping robot with high trajectory accuracy

posted on 2022-10-14, 18:14 authored by Lingqi TangLingqi Tang, Yao Li, Bing Li

The jumping trajectory control is important for the jumping robots to overcome different obstacles. However, the trajectory control of a micro jumping robot is not easy. No insect-scale jumping robots have demonstrated the precise trajectory following yet. We proposed a miniature origami omnidirectional jumping robot (Moobot) that achieved the feedback control of jumping trajectory. The jumping of the robot is based on a four-bar origami structure and the SMA actuators. Unlike the tethered micro robots that powered externally, we integrated a miniature control board with LiPo battery on the robot for remote control. The overall system measured 6 g in mass, 5.5 cm in length and 2cm in height. Two strain gauges and an IMU sensor were used on the robot for the feedback control of the jumping force and take-off angle, respectively. Meanwhile, a reliable jumping mechanism and a novel supporting leg were designed to improve the jumping stability and trajectory accuracy. The standard deviation of the jumping distances was less than 1.4 cm, which is greatly improved from all previous micro jumping robots. Furthermore, we integrated the yaw control and conducted the omnidirectional jumping experiments. The results revealed that Moobot could climb different platforms from all directions precisely.


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