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Multi-Voltage Level Active Distribution Network with Large Share of Weather-Dependent Generation

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Utility-scale and small scale wind and solar power installations along with electric vehicle charging stations, and other active sources of energy are increasing at the medium and lower voltage levels in the distribution grid. This situation required a better understanding of the impact of high penetration of weather-dependent renewable energy sources on the operating conditions of the distribution network at both medium and low voltage levels. Despite the need, a multi-voltage level distribution network model, based on real network data and weather-dependent renewable generation data, has not been presented for distribution grid studies. This paper presents a comprehensive multi-voltage level active distribution network model based on real network data along with load and generation time-series for about a year. The network topology is modelled based on geographical data for various rural, semi-urban, and urban locations. The distribution network is embodied with a large share of renewable generation sources, with generation time-series simulated from meteorological data. The network is also flexible to incorporate other assets such as electric vehicle charging stations, storage, etc. Thus, the presented active distribution network model can be used to study, optimize, and control the effects of weather dependent generation and other network assets in the distribution grid.


Wind farm - grid interactions: exploration and development

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