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Multi-objective Quantum Moth Flame Optimization for Clustering

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posted on 2020-10-30, 08:57 authored by Yassmine SoussiYassmine Soussi, Nizar Rokbani, Ali Wali, Adel AlimiAdel Alimi
This paper defines a new Moth-Flame optimization version with Quantum behaved moths, QMFO. The multi-objective version of QMFO (MOQMFO) is then applied to solve clustering problems. MOQMFO used three cluster validity criteria as objective functions (the I-index, Con-index and Sym-index) to establish the multi-objective clustering optimization. This paper details the proposal and the preliminary obtained results for clustering real-life datasets (including Iris, Cancer, Newthyroid, Wine, LiverDisorder and Glass) and artificial datasets (including Sph_5_2, Sph_4_3, Sph_6_2, Sph_10_2, Sph_9_2, Pat 1, Pat 2, Long 1, Sizes 5, Spiral, Square 1, Square 4, Twenty and Fourty). Compared with key multi-objectives clustering techniques, the proposal showed interesting results essentially for Iris, Newthyroid, Wine, LiverDisorder, Sph_4_3, Sph_6_2, Long 1, Sizes 5, Twenty and Fourty; and was able to provide the exact number of clusters for all datasets.


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