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Multi-path Coverage of all Final States for Model-Based Testing Theory using Spark In-memory Design

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posted on 2020-11-25, 12:44 authored by Wilfried Yves Hamilton Adoni, Moez KrichenMoez Krichen, Tarik Nahhal, Abdeltif Elbyed
This paper deals with an efficient and robust distributed framework for finite state machine coverage in the field model based testing theory. All final states coverage in large-scale automaton is inherently computing-intensive and memory exhausting with impractical time complexity because of an explosion of the number of states. Thus, it is important to propose a faster solution that reduces the time complexity by exploiting big data concept based on Spark RDD computation. To cope with this situation, we propose a parallel and distributed approach based on Spark in-memory design which exploits A* algorithm for optimal coverage. The experiments performed on multi-node cluster prove that the proposed framework achieves significant gain of the computation time.


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