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Multiple Ratiometric Nanothermometry using Semiconductor BiFeO3 Nanowires and Quantitative Validation of Thermal Sensitivity

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posted on 2021-10-14, 15:34 authored by Prashanthi KovurPrashanthi Kovur, Krishna M Kovur, Zeljka Antic, Kaveh Ahadi, Miroslav D. Dramicanin
Here, we report a very sensitive, non-contact, ratio-metric, and robust temperature sensing using a combination of conventional and negative thermal quenching (NTQ) mechanisms of semiconductor BiFeO3 (BFO) nanowires. Using this approach, we have demonstrated the absolute thermal sensitivity of ~10x10^-3 K^-1 over the 300 K - 438 K temperature range and the relative sensitivity of 0.75% K^-1 at 300 K. Further, we have validated thermal sensitivity of BFO nanowires quantitatively using linear regression and analytical hierarchy process (AHP) and found close match with the experimental results. These results indicated that BFO nanowires are excellent candidates for developing high‐performance luminescence based temperature sensors.


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