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Next Generation Smart Fridge System using IoT

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posted on 2020-04-08, 00:38 authored by Aadhya BhattAadhya Bhatt, ANANTA BHATTANANTA BHATT, Jinan Fiaidhi
Rapid development in technology has driven our attention towards intelligent and smarter regime. Current lifestyle of people involves spending less time at home and more time at work, a quick responsive smart kitchenware can be designed to save time and money during shopping. This paper focuses on developing a smart fridge that will notify the user of which food items are present in the fridge via email. This smart sensing application will capture image of the items present in the fridge and recognize the list of the items using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Rekognition API. The AWS Polly will translate the list of the items into speech format, an audio .mp3 file, which is played by the Bluetooth speaker. Further, this image of the items in the fridge and the audio file is sent to the user via email. Thus, helping users to avoid food wastage and overspending on unnecessary items. This system is accessible anywhere and anytime by the user.


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