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On-board Electrical, Electronics and Pose Estimation System for Hyperloop Pod Design

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posted on 2020-12-12, 11:20 authored by Prathamesh SarafPrathamesh Saraf, Nihal Singh, Plava Kattamuri, Jay Karhade, Ishika Bhattacharya
Hyperloop is a high-speed ground-based transportation system utilizing sealed tubes, with the aim of ultimately transporting passengers between metropolitan cities in efficiently designed autonomous capsules. In recent years, the design and development of sub-scale prototypes for these Hyperloop pods has set the foundation for realizing more practical and scalable pod architectures. This paper proposes a practical, power and space optimized on-board electronics architecture, coupled with an end-to-end computationally efficient pose estimation algorithm. Considering the high energy density and discharge rate of onboard batteries, this work additionally presents a robust system for fault detection, protection and management of batteries, along with the design of the surrounding electrical system. Performance evaluation and verification of proposed algorithms and circuits has been carried out by software simulations using both Python and Simulink.


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