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On the Use of MT2 for Computer Networking Courses During the Pandemic and Beyond

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posted on 2022-11-02, 03:45 authored by Manoj BSManoj BS

The paper studies the method for online teaching using Multi-Track Modular Teaching (MT2). MT2 is an advanced teaching-learning method for better training of students with deep skills.  Covid19 pandemic and the associated lockdown periods, coupled with the requirements of social distancing, have played a major disruption in the academic processes across all the world’s universities. Due to the inability to conduct physical classes and lectures, most universities have opted for online classes using video conference tools. One way to make the computer networking classes, during lock-down periods, more effective is to use the Multi-Track Modular Teaching (MT2) technique which organizes a course into multiple tracks and modules. This paper presents the mod?ifications carried out to MT2-based computer networking course and experiences from teaching it online during the lock-down period. While the online classes offered an alter?native to the completely disrupted teaching and learning process, observations on their effectiveness reveal certain important considerations in order to make them more useful. Results from a feedback survey of the students who under?took the course is also provided in this paper, giving insights to certain difficulties and issues in the conduct of online classes in developing countries. 


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