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On the initial conditions for real-time technique to suppress background signals in complete fusion nuclear reactions

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posted on 2022-06-22, 18:53 authored by Dastan IbadullayevDastan Ibadullayev, Tsyganov Yury, Polyakov Alexander, Voinov Alexey

A new four parameter estimation of the Tα-Qα dependence is presented to operate with anew analog spectrometer of the DGFRS2, installed at the DC-280 cyclotron setup in the form Tα=f(Z,Qα) is presented. Comparisons are made both with the Royer’s well-known dependence and with the dependence obtained on the basis of parameters for superheavy nuclei Z=106-118. This new estimated formula is obtainedfrom recent results with good statistics for 286,287Fl isotopes synthesized in 242Pu+48Ca->286,287Fl+3,4n complete fusion nuclear reaction. Some attention is paid to the specifics of heavy element detection at the DGFRS2 setup. Estimates of half-lives for isotopes Z=119,120 are presented using a new formula. We plan to conduct experiments on the synthesis of these isotopes in the near future at the DGFRS2 setup. The application of the ER (Evaporation Residue)–α1-α2 algorithms also discussed briefly. This algorithm is expected to be very useful when the intensity of heavy ion beams reaches ~10pµA or more to suppress background signals.


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