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One-Class Classification Using lp-Norm Multiple Kernel Fisher Null-Space

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posted on 2021-09-28, 03:37 authored by Shervin Rahimzadeh ArashlooShervin Rahimzadeh Arashloo
The paper addresses the one-class classification (OCC) problem and advocates a one-class multiple kernel learning (MKL) approach for this purpose. To this aim, based on the Fisher null-space one-class classification principle, we present a multiple kernel learning algorithm where an $\ell_p$-norm constraint ($p\geq1$) on kernel weights is considered. We cast the proposed one-class MKL task as a min-max saddle point Lagrangian optimisation problem and propose an efficient method to solve it. An extension of the proposed one-class MKL approach is also considered where several related one-class MKL tasks are learned concurrently by constraining them to share common kernel weights.
An extensive assessment of the proposed method on a range of data sets from different application domains confirms its merits against the baseline and several other algorithms.


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