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Open-Access Data and Toolbox for Tracking COVID-19 Impact on Power Systems

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posted on 2021-12-11, 11:55 authored by Guangchun RuanGuangchun Ruan, Zekuan Yu, Shutong Pu, Songtao Zhou, Haiwang Zhong, Le Xie, Qing Xia, Chongqing Kang
Intervention policies against COVID-19 have caused large-scale disruptions globally, and led to a series of pattern changes in the power system operation. Analyzing these pandemic-induced patterns is imperative to identify the potential risks and impacts of this extreme event. With this purpose, we developed an open-access data hub (COVID-EMDA+), an open-source toolbox (CoVEMDA), and a few evaluation methods to explore what the U.S. power systems are experiencing during COVID-19. These resources could be broadly used for research, policy making, or educational purposes. Technically, our data hub harmonizes a variety of raw data such as generation mix, demand profiles, electricity price, weather observations, mobility, confirmed cases and deaths. Several support methods and metrics are then implemented in our toolbox, including baseline estimation, regression analysis, and scientific visualization. Based on these, we conduct three empirical studies on the U.S. power systems and markets to introduce some new solutions and unexpected findings. This conveys a more complete picture of the pandemic's impacts, and also opens up several attractive topics for future work. Python, Matlab source codes, and user manuals are all publicly shared on a Github repository.


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