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Open Mind Neuromodulation Interface for the CorTec Brain Interchange (OMNI-BIC): an investigational distributed research platform for next-generation clinical neuromodulation research

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posted on 2023-02-08, 16:38 authored by Hanbin ChoHanbin Cho, Jeffrey G. Ojemann, Jeffrey Herron

The rise of adaptive stimulation approaches has shown great therapeutic promise in the growing field of neuromodulation. The discovery and growth of these novel adaptive stimulation paradigms has been largely concentrated around several implantable devices with research application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow for custom applications to be created for clinical neuromodulation studies. However, the sunsetting of devices and ongoing development of new platforms is leading to an increased fragmentation in the research environment- resulting in the reinvention of system features and the inability to leverage previous development efforts for future studies. The Open Mind Neuromodulation Interface (OMNI) is a previously proposed solution to address the weaknesses of the DLL-driven API approach of past neuromodulation research by utilizing an alternative gRPC-enabled microservice framework. Here, we introduce OMNI-BIC, an implementation of the OMNI framework to the CorTec Brain Interchange system. This paper describes the design and implementation of the OMNI-BIC software tools and demonstrates the framework’s capabilities for implementing customized neuromodulation therapies for clinical investigations. Through the development and deployment of the OMNI-BIC system, we hope to improve future clinical studies with the Brain Interchange system and aid in continuing the growth and momentum of the exciting field of adaptive neuromodulation. 


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