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Optimal Antenna Design in the Cancer Tissues Treatment by Hyperthermia: A Review Study

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posted on 2023-05-03, 13:26 authored by Mohammad Amin BozorgmaneshMohammad Amin Bozorgmanesh, Mojtaba Sadeghi

Although cancer is a recognized disorder worldwide, its treatment is a great challenge; and new and effective treatment methods become one of the fundamental demands. However, one of the new treatment approaches for cancer is hyperthermia, which is considered an assistant to surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. Despite the proven effectiveness of the method, there are numerous challenges in applying it that require recognizing the effective parameters and optimizing them to achieve better and more effective performance. Considering this, the review paper aims to study the optimization of antennas utilized in the cancerous tissue treatment by hyperthermia. However, four different antennas with different purposes are studied and optimized for this purpose. Furthermore, studies show that recognizing and optimizing the design parameters of hyperthermia antennas is likely to greatly improve the performance of the method.


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