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Optimal and Robust Distributed Resource Allocation for SWIPT-Enabled Cognitive Networks

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posted on 2020-01-27, 16:59 authored by Yongjun Xu, Haijian Sun, Jie Yang, G G, Song Guo
Simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT)-enabled cognitive networks (CRNs) is recognized as one of the most promising techniques to improve spectrum efficiency and prolong operation lifetime in 5G and beyond. However, existing methods focus on the centralized algorithm and the power allocation under perfect channel state information (CSI). The analytical solution and the impact of power splitting (PS) on the optimal power allocation strategy are not addressed. In addition, the influence of the PS factor on the feasible region of transit power is rarely analyzed. In this paper, we propose a joint power allocation and PS algorithm under perfect CSI and imperfect CSI, respectively, for multiuser SWIPT-enabled CRNs scenarios. The power minimization of resource allocation problem is formulated as a multivariate nonconvex optimization which is hard to obtain the closed-form solution. Hence, we propose a suboptimal algorithm to alternatively optimize the power allocation and PS coefficient under the cases of the low-harvested energy region and the high-harvested energy region, respectively. Moreover, a closed-form distributed power allocation and PS expressions are derived by the Lagrangian approach. Simulation results confirm the proposed method with good robustness and high energy efficiency.


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