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Optimization of low-pass filter parameters to reduce the delay time of sensor signals in automatic control systems

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posted on 2022-04-21, 20:21 authored by Darya DenisenkoDarya Denisenko, Andrey Ignatovich, Ivan Shcherbinin, Nikolay Prokopenko, Yuri Inanov

A study was made of ways to minimize the delay time of signals from sensors for which it is necessary to convert an alternating output voltage into a direct voltage proportional to it. It is shown that this delay can be reduced by optimizing the parameters of the low-pass filters, taking into account the given suppression of variable signals in the stopband. The circuits of Chebyshev and Butterworth filters from the first to the sixth order are investigated, their comparison with each other in terms of the delay of the main signal and the efficiency of suppression of its harmonics outside the operating frequency range is given. The results of modeling the amplitude-frequency and transient characteristics of a low-pass filter in the Micro-Cap 12 environment for the case of its use in a transformer angle sensor are presented.


The research has been carried out at the expense of the Grant of the Russian Science Foundation (project No. 18-79-10109-P).


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