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Pei-Wo Drone: A Home-Based Exercise Guidance System with Drone for Older Adults

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posted on 2023-09-05, 14:35 authored by Kanjana Chaitika, Hsiao-Feng Chieh, Kai-Nan An, Fong-Chin SuFong-Chin Su, Chien-Ju Lin

AbstractObjective: High physical function is a major achievement of healthy aging. Many older adults have low levels of exercise and physical activity, which may be due to a lack of motivation or access to proper exercise guidance tools. Providing a proper and enjoyable exercise guidance tool to older adults can be a good alternative to simply providing them conventional materials such as exercise training videos and encourage them to exercise regularly. Here, we demonstrate a novel home-based exercise guidance system named “Pei-Wo Drone” developed using a drone, a real, flyable three-dimensional (3D) object, to guide physical exercise or movement. The system provides real-time continuous sound feedback to notify the user if they are not following the drone correctly. Methods: The Pei-Wo Drone was developed and tested to ensure accuracy and precision in guiding two selective movements: "lateral arm reach" and "arm up and down" movements. Fifteen subjects (12 females, 3 males; aged 67.40±5.85 years) were recruited to evaluate their performance in following the guidance of the drone with interactive feedback. Results: The accuracy and precision of the system were impressive. Additionally, the results of this study showed that the subjects were able to follow the drone well. Conclusion: The Pei-Wo Drone, a newly developed drone guidance system, could encourage and guide older adults in proper exercise. Significance: Using a drone with real-time feedback to guide proper physical exercise or movement in older adults has a potential to enhance their physical well-being, while simultaneously providing a realistic and joyful experience reminiscent of playing with a toy at home.


National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) Taiwan with grant no. 107-2221-E-006-233-MY3.


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