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Performance of Full-Duplex Cooperative NOMA with Mode Switching and an EH Near User

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posted on 2022-09-27, 16:44 authored by KAMAL AGRAWALKAMAL AGRAWAL, Anand JeeAnand Jee, Ujawal Makhanpuri, Shankar PrakriyaShankar Prakriya

This paper investigates a cooperative non-orthogonal multiple access network where a near user (NU) harvests energy using time-switching (TS) or power-splitting (PS) protocol to assist information transmission to the far user (FU). Considering nonlinear energy harvesting and opportunistic cooperative mode (CM) to non-cooperative mode (NCM) switching, expressions are derived for FU and NU outage probabilities and throughput. We demonstrate that CM/NCM switching can guarantee NU's performance similar to OMA without any degradation in FU throughput. Also, the choice of optimum PS/TS parameter is essential to maximize FU throughput while ensuring desired NU throughput. CM/NCM switching ensures higher energy efficiency.


SERB CRG/2021/000578.


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