Photonic RF spectral filters based on transversal filters with Kerr microcombs of varying free spectral ranges

Integrated Kerr microcombs are emerging as a powerful tool as sources of multiple wavelength channels for photonic RF and microwave signal processing mainly in the context of transversal filters. They offer a compact device footprint, very high versatility, large numbers of wavelengths, and wide Nyquist bands. Here, we review recent progress on Kerr microcomb-based photonic RF and microwave reconfigurable filters, based both on transversal filter methods and on RF to optical bandwidth scaling. We compare and contrast results achieved with wide comb spacing combs (200GHz) with more finely spaced (49GHz) microcombs. The strong potential of optical micro-combs for RF photonics applications in terms of functions and integrability is also discussed.

Index Terms—Microwave photonics, micro-ring resonators.