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Pointwise Mutual Information based Graph Laplacian Regularized Sparse Unmixing

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posted on 2021-10-21, 16:53 authored by Sefa KucukSefa Kucuk, Seniha Esen Yuksel
Sparse unmixing (SU) aims to express the observed image signatures as a linear combination of pure spectra known a priori and has become a very popular technique with promising results in analyzing hyperspectral images (HSI) over the past ten years. In SU, utilizing the spatial-contextual information allows for more realistic abundance estimation. To make full use of the spatial-spectral information, in this letter, we propose a pointwise mutual information (PMI) based graph Laplacian regularization for SU. Specifically, we construct the affinity matrices via PMI by modeling the association between neighboring image features through a statistical framework, and then we use them in the graph Laplacian regularizer. We also adopt a double reweighted $\ell_{1}$ norm minimization scheme to promote the sparsity of fractional abundances. Experimental results on simulated and real data sets prove the effectiveness of the proposed method and its superiority over competing algorithms in the literature.


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