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Power system balancing of North Sea countries with large share of wind power towards 2050

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posted on 2020-10-13, 01:59 authored by Kaushik DasKaushik Das
Increasing share of renewables poses new challenges towards planning and operation of power systems all
over the world, thereby, requiring new methods and tools. This article explains the value of balancing tool chain
which encompasses operation of market and power system from day-ahead planning until the real-time dynamic
simulation. The salient features for such a balancing tool chain is discussed in this article. A Balancing Tool
Chain has been developed and validated based on balancing principles of Denmark and Europe. The efficacy of
the balancing tool chain is demonstrated through very detailed case studies of massive penetration of offshore
wind power in North Sea countries towards 2050. Using detailed case studies, recommendations are provided
towards balancing of North Sea countries in terms of operational and balancing practices as well as dimensioning
of reserves for future scenarios.


EUDP grant number 64018-0032


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