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Quantum Computing - from NISQ to PISQ

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posted on 2021-08-10, 03:49 authored by Koen BertelsKoen Bertels
Given the impeding timeline of developing good quality quantum processing units, it is the moment to rethink the approach to advance quantum computing research.
Rather than waiting for quantum hardware technologies to mature, we need to start assessing in tandem the impact of the occurrence of quantum computing in various scientific fields.
However, to this purpose, we need to use a complementary but quite different approach than proposed by the NISQ vision, which is heavily focused on and burdened by the engineering challenges.
That is why we propose and advocate the PISQ-approach: Perfect Intermediate-Scale Quantum computing based on the already known concept of perfect qubits.
This will allow researchers to focus much more on the development of new applications by defining the algorithms in terms of perfect qubits and evaluate them on quantum computing simulators that are executed on supercomputers.
It is not the long-term solution but will currently allow universities to research on quantum logic and algorithms and companies can already start developing their internal know-how on quantum solutions.


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