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Quantum Computing for Healthcare: A Review

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posted on 2021-12-29, 04:00 authored by Raihan Ur Rasool, Hafiz Farooq Ahmad, Wajid Rafique, Adnan QayyumAdnan Qayyum, Junaid QadirJunaid Qadir

Quantum computing is an emerging field of research that can provide a “quantum leap” in terms of computing performance and thereby enable many new exciting healthcare applications such as rapid DNA sequencing, drug research and discovery, personalized medicine, molecular simulations, diagnosis assistance, efficient radiotherapy. In this paper, we provide a taxonomy of existing literature on quantum healthcare systems and identify the key requirements of quantum computing implementations in the healthcare paradigm. We also provide a through exploration of the application areas where quantum computing could transform traditional healthcare systems. Finally, we perform an extensive study of quantum cryptography from the perspective of healthcare systems to identify security vulnerabilities in traditional cryptography systems.


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