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Quasi-Nondestructive Read Out of Ferroelectric Capacitor Polarization by Exploiting a 2TnC Cell to Relax the Endurance Requirement

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posted on 2023-04-10, 16:05 authored by Yi Xiao, Shan DengShan Deng, Zijian Zhao, Zubair Faris, Yixin Xu, Tzu-Jung Huang, Vijaykrishnan Narayanan, Kai Ni

In this work, we propose a 2TnC ferroelectric random access memory (FeRAM) cell design to realize the quasi- nondestructive readout (QNRO) of ferroelectric polarization (PFE) in a capacitor, which can relax the endurance requirement of the ferroelectric thin film and exploits the benefits of both FeRAM and ferroelectric FET (FeFET). We demonstrate that: i) QNRO sensing of PFE is conducted successfully in experiment with a ON/OFF ratio (ION/IOFF)>103, ION>10 μA, and read endurance>106 cycles, which can relax the FeRAM endurance requirement by 106x; ii) optimization of the cell performance can be realized by tuning the metal-ferroelectric-metal capacitor (MFM) capacitor to read transistor area ratio and read transistor threshold voltage (V TH); iii) the proposed cell structure is 3D-compatible, enabling integration of highly dense memory solution; iv) the proposed cell structure also enables compute-in-memory (CIM) applications of FeRAM, which has not been widely explored. With this technology, storage and memory-centric computing can be enable


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