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Quasi-Synchronization Operation of a Long-Stator Doubly-Fed Linear Motor with Accurate Control of both Traction and Contactless Power Transfer

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posted on 2022-03-11, 03:31 authored by Yeqin WangYeqin Wang, Zhongshu Shao, Zaiming Zhong, Xiusen Wang
In this paper, a quasi-synchronization operation of a doubly-fed linear motor is proposed to achieve accurate regulation of both the traction and the contactless power transfer. A new control structure is proposed to achieve the loose coupling control between the stator side and the mover side, where the scalar control is used for the stator side controller (SSC), and the field-oriented control (FOC) is adopted for the mover side controller (MSC). The SSC and the MSC is with “frequency-coupling”, which enhances the reliability of the whole control system with less information exchange between the SSC and the MSC. The effectiveness of the proposed design is validated through both simulation and experimental studies.


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