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Reinterpreting the Stabilizer Formalism

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posted on 01.09.2021, 23:59 authored by Vatsal Pramod Jha, Udaya ParampalliUdaya Parampalli, Abhay Kumar Singh
Stabilizer codes, introduced in [2], [3], have been a prominent example of quantum codes constructed via classical codes. The paper [3], introduces the stabilizer formalism for obtaining additive quantum codes of length n from Hermitian self-orthogonal codes of length n over GF(4). In the present work, we reinterpret the stabilizer formalism by considering binary codes over the symbol-pair metric (see [9]). Specifically, the present work constructs additive quantum codes of length n from certain binary codes of length n considered over the symbol-pair metric. We also present the Modified CSS Construction which is used to obtain quantum codes with parameters.


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