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Reinventing Technology and Innovation Management using a Three Dimensional approach

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posted on 2021-01-10, 16:51 authored by Abhilash GopalakrishnanAbhilash Gopalakrishnan
In recent years, we are observing turbulence across sectors of the economy, geography, technology or business. This turbulence manifests itself in multiple forms like megatrends, natural disasters and pandemics. The lifetimes of organizations reduced to twenty four years by 2016 and expected to be twelve years by 2027. We can see these changes across three dimensions of change as trend storms, rate of change and disruption. By identifying best practices across successful organizations we propose a three-dimensional canvas and approach of applying agility and leadership to deal with rate of change, trend analysis to take advantage of them and identifying and nurturing change-makers in the organization. Agility and the winning characteristics of inspirational leadership and operating like a network plays a pivotal role. Dissecting the maker revolution we set the stage for identifying and nurturing makers internally within the organization. We knit these elements together in the organizational fabric by using customer journey maps, data, and road-mapping. Integrating these, we propose a canvas and approach enabling one step towards continuous innovation. These tools will enable leaders and organizations to better integrating emerging technologies, trends and innovation into their execution strategies.


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