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Reliable Provisioning with Degraded Service Using Multipath Routing from Multiple Data Centers in Optical Metro Networks

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posted on 2022-03-03, 05:30 authored by Giap LeGiap Le
With the adoption of edge computing, several data centers are available within the footprint of an optical metro network, and contents are replicated in multiple locations. Such a wide content replication offers a unique opportunity to provide better services to users, especially for content-based services, e.g., video delivery. Thus, a service-provisioning scheme can embrace this opportunity to optimize network resource utilization, improve reliability, and achieve lower latency. In this study, we propose a reliable service-provisioning scheme that selects the optimal subset of data centers hosting the desired content and inversely multiplexes a content request over multiple link-disjoint paths. We formulate an integer linear program and develop heuristics for the problem, and use them to solve various complex and realistic network instances. Numerical data show that, compared to conventional service-provisioning schemes such as multipath routing from a single data center or dedicated-path protection, our proposed scheme efficiently utilizes network resources, improves reliability, and reduces latency; hence, it is suitable for the above-mentioned services.


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