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Revisiting boost converter modeling and analysis to integrate power electronics and control courses

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posted on 2023-07-17, 03:44 authored by Pedro AlmeidaPedro Almeida

  Abstract—Contribution: This paper focuses on the ntegration of classical power electronics and control courses by revisiting the modeling and analysis of a dc-dc boost converter. The boost converter serves as a single plant that encompasses various control concepts.

Background:Power electronics and control are highly important subjects for modern electrical and electronic engineers. However, traditional courses often fail to establish a connection between these subjects, leaving out certain topics and making it challenging for students to grasp crucial concepts. This paper aims to assist students in bridging this gap.

Research Questions:1) This study addresses the following questions: 1) What are the differences between switched, nonlinear large-signal averaged, and small-signal linear models? 2) What are the limitations of each model? 3) How can we determine the region where the linear model error is acceptable? 4) What information can be extracted from each model?

Methodology: A comprehensive step-by-step modeling and analysis approach is presented, focusing on explaining key points that are often overlooked in textbooks. After each important concept explanation, exercises are proposed to enhance learning and broaden students’ perspectives.


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