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S-curve Engineering for ON-state Performance using Anti-ferroelectric/Ferroelectric Stack Negative-Capacitance FinFET

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posted on 2021-06-28, 04:35 authored by Shih-En HuangShih-En Huang, Pin Su, Chenming Hu
In this work, we report that the AFE/FE gate-stack can be utilized to engineer the S-curve for boosting the ION of NC-FinFET. By using a short-channel BSIM-CMG compatible AFE/FE stack NC-FinFET model, the capacitance matching and ON-state performance for AFE/FE stack NC-FinFETs are investigated. Our study indicates that, the AFE/FE gate-stack can be used to improve the capacitance matching in strong inversion at higher gate-bias. Therefore, impressively higher ON-state current (compared to single-layer) can be achieved. In reality, source-drain series resistance will make such high IDS impractical. The more likely strategy is to use lower VDD to achieve much lower power consumption (and reduced vertical fields). While the transient NC effect also needs to be carefully investigated, this study suggests significant long term benefits to VDD scaling if materials with certain AFE and FE properties are developed and introduced in IC manufacturing in the future.


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