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Seamless Redundancy for High Reliability Wi-Fi

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posted on 2023-06-20, 00:33 authored by Gianluca CenaGianluca Cena, Stefano ScanzioStefano Scanzio, Dave Cavalcanti, Valerio Frascolla

By removing wire harness, Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly pervasive in every aspect of our lives, in both the consumer and industrial worlds. Besides flexibility, the recent high efficiency and extremely high throughput versions managed to close the performance gap with Ethernet. However, it still lags behind Ethernet for what concerns dependability. To this aim, the ultra high reliability study group has been recently formed.

This paper reports on some preliminary ideas and proposals about the ways seamless redundancy can be exploited to make Wi-Fi more reliable, yet retaining a good degree of backward compatibility with existing network infrastructures.


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