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Second Life Battery Life Cycle Estimation

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posted on 2022-11-30, 05:17 authored by Jingxi YangJingxi Yang, Matthew BeattyMatthew Beatty, Dani StricklandDani Strickland, Mina Abedi-Varnosfaderani, Joe Warren

There is increased talk about using second life batteries in applications. In first life applications, the batteries start from new and a range of life cycle estimation techniques are applied. However, it is not clear how second life batteries should be monitored compared to first life batteries. This paper investigated different algorithms from first life applications, for estimating and forecasting battery cell state of health in conjunction with capacity calculations using second life cells under long term durability testing. The paper looks at how close these models predict capacity fade based on a set of second life batteries that have been undertaking sweat testing over six different applications. The paper concludes that there are two methods that could be suitable candidates for predicting lifespan. One of these needed to be modified from the original.


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